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About me:

Luca Adami skills:


Graduation in Philosophy at UCSC (Milan) with attention to the modern studies of Semiotics and Screenwriting.


University Master in: "Screenwriting and Production for Fiction and Cinema" (UCSC) 

with some great teachers and tutors like:

Nicola Lusuardi - Italian Screenwriter

Rendall Wallace - Screenwriter of Braveheart

John Truby - Hollywood Script Doctor.

In Rome, worked for Fox Italy (Wilder Srl)

on the production of "Pugni In Tasca" (Mtv, La7); "Delitti" (Fox Crime); "Tetris" (LA7).

From 2009 till today...

founds and works on the LUCAS FRAME PRODUCTION

projects, making his dream a real life. 

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